Reason Behind Having A Bucket List

A Bucket list, basically an odd term to make you wish for a dreamy reality. I still remember the first time I heard the expression, made me a bit perplexed at whomever came up with it, but it also made me take a step back and reflect on what I really truly want , and truly think about my wishes, at that time I was about 6 or 7 , I am now a grown 23 year old, and it never felt more of an appropriate time to start crossing out that list.

The basis for a bucket list can stir up some fearful emotions as it also brings up the idea of dying, and although it may awaken the fear of end of our days, the reminder is also one of greater value as it gives it more value and meaning as to not waste it , to reach for what is important, to make our days on this earth count

What we all truly and genuinely want to do and experience, we often have a complete disregard for it wandering off in life thinking only about making money, having the best clothes, best phone, and having “ fun “ , not actual fun but the fun everybody is having when in reality it’s a waste of time masquerading masks to blend in societies’ standards or what should be or what is suppose to be

When I Ask People The Question: What Do You Really Want in Life ?

they’re usually stuck, clueless and oblivious because they’ve never even given themselves the chance to think about what they TRULY want, and quite frankly I find it a bit sad and heartbreaking, because wasting our lives on conforming to the norm; go to college , graduate, work, make money , get a house, marry, have kids ; is absolutely heartbreaking, as if you are made to fit into a mold designed for you before you were born, it sucks the very basic meaning of life right out of you. And instead of leading your life, yourself, your path, you become LED.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying doing those are bad, But it shouldn’t because it’s How it’s suppose to be ,but because it’s what you are passionate about. it’s as if a life needs a core, a flaming core, a core that makes you NOT hate your life, and wait for the second you get out of it.

Take a closer look, and examine the aspects of your life, dissect it and reflect. And ask your questions you are so afraid of: don’t be extremist , don’t over dream but also don’t under dream, give yourself the chance to be.

Why it is So Important to Have a Bucket List ?

to make sure your life isn’t all for nothing, feeling so trapped between the walls of what you should do or have to do, to not feel prisoner to The Must’s and Don’ts Have to’s.

To at least give your self the chance to KNOW YOURSELF

Do You Want Just to Be Alive, or Do You Want to Actually LIVE?

I may give you some examples on how to start your bucket list, but every bucket list is different than the other and you absolutely have got to make it your own, what makes you feel like the world is at your hands, what makes you so excited to wake up and so sad that the day is over. Because it can be about more than having to pay the rent and bills and sucking up to your boss, or having to aimlessly wander through the days of life like a ghost a match to your colleague or neighbor. Instead of staying up late night restless wondering how the day ahead is full of the must do’s and don’ts, spend it so excited about waking up and doing what you love.

If you knew you have one week to live, how would you spend it?

That is how you should live EVERYDAY.

Money should be what moves the wheel, not the wheel’s destination:

We often get lost in the making money phase and forget that money is there to make things happen, to achieve a goal, a dream and a passion, instead we take a mid step and money BECOMES THE GOAL, it becomes the dream, it becomes the passion. A bucket list is a cause to have meaning for tolerating the extra hours of hard work, it gives a meaning to being so tired all the time, it gives light to the dark times we go through, and it shines a path toward a happiness we feel so rarely, wither it’s climbing the highest mountain, or travelling to the Taj mahal , or to do that project you had in mind for years, or to have a crazy all-nighter roaming the streets of new York with your college best friends, a night for the books , whatever it is , it gives a spark of joy and rush through your veins, it makes your heart want to jump out of your heart because it’s beating of life.

All those posts you see scrolling through your facebook/instagram feed drowning in more sorrow, thinking: I wish one day I can do that? question remains why can’t you?

Dawdling in the “if only” until your days are over shouldn’t be what your life is about, “he/she always wanted to, but never did”, “it’s a shame she/he never got to.”, shouldn’t be the left memory of you.

  •  A reason to wake up in the morning
  • A reason to feel alive, joy, passion
  • A reason for a sense of direction, a focus toward something you can honestly you genuinely love instead of going with the flow
  • A reason to be motivated & driven to figuring out the root of what you really want
  • A reason to get out of your comfort zone , step out of the fearful boundaries
  • A reason to gain personal growth as well as self-knowledge

A bucket list is an absolute must do to keep that spark in your life, that fuel for that drive within your days on this earth, that fresh breath of air that keeps you going, it’s what makes all the exhaustion and bullshit we go through day in day out worth it

So don’t rob yourself the chance to actually live it.