Management Tips for Work-Related Stress

When you are stuck in the rut-of-the-day, counting the seconds and minutes for the day to be over so you can leave work, the pounding on your head, the anxious emotion that stirs within your veins.

We’ve all experienced it, whether it’s your boss, your collegues, the piled up work at the desk or the loads of files you have to get done before the deadline, the work born stress can surely leave an impact not only our health but even our personal life, and often times , not realizing it we let the work and all its baggage to follow and haunt us home a place where we are supposed to rest and be at comfort like a fogged cloud limiting the fresh air to breath, instead, we often find ourselves soaked and drowned in the negativity bringing it from work all the way to home whether it’s causing us to be on edge, short tempered or have those draining restless nights, the stress stemming from the hours we spend at the office can surely affect us and our loved ones in more ways than we can be aware of.

Health Wise

studies have showed that work related stress can have a damaging impact on our health if not dealt with properly, from high blood pressure, migraines, colds to more significantly dangerous illness such as heart diseases and irritated bowl syndrome as well as chronic pain.

Personal Life

A lot of people fall victims to work related stress without fully being aware of the root of the problem, the baggage and negativity we bring from a hectic day at work can leave a trace on our personal life if we don’t take a step back for a breather; anger, frustration, sometimes even depression, sense of inferiority not to mention the exhaustion from a long hard day, all of these of emotions and sensations that can be a heavy weight , often aren’t dealt with and let go of , and so we often bring all of that entangling weights with us, making us short tempered, fatigued, and never at ease. The accumulation of undealt with issues to a degree can create a distance between us and our loved us, forcing us to lash out and react to things in ways otherwise we normally wouldn’t, at moments where it feels like your blood is literally boiling and you are completely and utterly out of control it may even create a gap closing off the communication between not only your loved ones but also with yourself filling it only with more and more of a consuming dreaded energy, swallowing up any chance of a rest.

Increased chances of addiction is born from the need & crave to numb and turn the other cheek, the emotions of anger, frustration , heading nowhere, feeling stuck, short temper, leaves us feeling like a toy in a swirl of “overwhelmness” and so many people turn to things that can calm them down, wither it’s a night next to a bottle of alcohol , or the urge to grab that cigarette, or heading toward substance abuse, or letting off steam at that poker table, or more worse ways, but nevertheless in a nutshell it can be abbreviated to a self-destructive path people use in order to get out of that trapping box they were in the entirety of the day.

Whether it’s the underpaid job mixed along with the excessive overload of work and extra hours, or it’s the sense of lack of growth, or falling a trap to a suffocating daily routine, it is undeniable how the work-related stress is a burden that leaves us held back and buried under six feet of pitch black darkness.

Understand what you can and cannot control

The sensation of feeling that everything is swirling our of control is how Stress is born, it is essential that we realize the aspects which we are capable of controlling and those we have absolute ZERO control over, the added stress and anxiety from situations in which we are not the ones in the wheel are not needed.

Knowing when to take a step back. And take a deep breather

As tedious and small as it may sound, it is one of the main tools we can use to overcome those moments when we feel utterly overwhelmed and tense and lost, give yourself the chance to clear your head and not be entirely sucked in the madness, those extra few seconds can be the boost needed to go ahead with your day.

Planning is your best friend

We often get bombarded with uncounted for extra tasks, and we also often find ourselves in way over our head, next someone throws a pile of extra tasks make sure you triage, determine the importance and don’t be afraid to be direct with the person, to not always say yes to anything, it doesn’t mean to necessarily say no, but to be forward ; determine priority , plan, and be forward.

Never take it personally

Letting ourselves get personal with the work environment or letting the atmosphere or the comments be taken personally can cause serious harm to the rest of our job, it is crucial to always have an objective point of vew , so that you’re always in the right perspective, being logical and objective makes a problem solver instead of a problem maker

Banish Self-born stress

We often seek the approval of others, looking for that validation, instead be sure to build yourself confidence by yourself, and learn to find it adequate without needing to be sucked in by other’s perceptions of you, instead focus on yourself and on your task.

Make best of your lunch break

Failing to make the best of your lunch break can have serious consequences instead of having your lunch while looking at that last semester’s report make sure to take your mind off work, have a fun conversation with a friend, watch a video, take a walk or listen to some music whatever suits you to make sure you are reenergized for the second half of the day.

Don’t bring Work home

Something a lot of us fall trap to is the bringing work home part, which can be an infectious disease that sickens the sanctity of your home, make sure to listen to some music whilst driving home, obsessing over the extra workload or what will come the following won’t change anything, so make sure you rest, and enjoy your time with your loved ones.