The Ultimate Debate of The Best Companion Pet:  Cats or Dogs?

The Ultimate Debate of The Best Companion Pet:  Cats or Dogs?

The world certainly has 2 types of people: those who are into cats and people who prefer dogs by their side. Making a choice in this matter have been known to bend or even break up relationships. Since more than half of United States households own a pet and usually spend an estimated $69 billion on them, studies have found in 2017, thus, the debate between cats and dogs is more likely to not end anytime soon and will mostly keep on going for as long as humans, cats and dogs exist.


Here you will discover 3 reasons why dogs make better companions and 3 other reasons why cats make better companions also.


3 Reasons Why Dogs Make Better Companions than Cats


Dogs Love to Play and Work

While it is plausible to play with cats, nothing beats the pure, infectious joy your dog shows you when it’s playtime. Either indoors or outdoors, dogs are forever eager to join any type of game and will happily play with kids and adults for hours on end. Thus, contrarily to cats, dogs can play with interactions; they would catch a ball in the air and bring it back to you. Not only dogs are able to be easily trained to play games and do tricks, in addition to that, they can be trained to do actual real life jobs that make an actual difference and impact in society. It helps extensively as dogs are scientifically proven to be just as smart as 2 year old kids.

Dogs Are More Adaptable Than Cats

It’s a fact that either dogs and cats prefer a set routine and don’t get along with uncertainty, dogs are way more flexible than cats. This is mostly because dogs usually grow a bond with their owner rather than with a specific place. So basically, dogs have a higher chance of being happy wherever their owner is and therefore, it will improve the handle relocating to a new place. You always have the possibility of taking your dog on vacation and being certain that he’ll enjoy it too instead being stressed.

Dogs Will Protect You

Without taking the dog breed in consideration, all dogs have the instinct to protect and defend their owners. Whereas cats will typically run off and hide at the first sense of danger, dogs will stay around out of duty and loyalty, protecting and defending you against any threats to your safety. In addition to a dog’s strong sense of smell, it could save lives.


3 Reasons Why Cats Make Better Companions than Dogs


Cats Are Independent

The independent nature of cats is an amazing trait, especially when you’re busy or expecting people over. Dogs on the other hand get into an excitement mood, barking, jumping, and drooling on you and on your guests. In their excited urge and seeking for attention, the dogs nails scratch clothes and their drool ruins them, which can be very unwelcome for guests.

Meanwhile, cats make themselves seem as a low profile when the doorbell rings. Maybe, they’ll discreetly check out your guests by rubbing up against their leg, but that’s about it; there won’t be any annoying leaping whatsoever. Plus, cats indifference means you – and your guests-  won’t need to give them the constant attention.

Cats Are Low Maintenance

You can leave your cat inside when you’re not home and be reassured that everything will still be in one piece when you are back home. More importantly, cats by nature do not depend on their owners to go to the bathroom. We all know kitty litter can smell if it is not changed regularly and cleaned up, but you can store it and change it at your convenience. In the opposite world, dogs don’t really care if there’s rain, snow or extreme heat outside. When they need a walk, there’s nothing you can do to avoid it. And even if you have enough space, you’ll still need to do constant control outside. In addition to that, cats groom themselves and don’t give off bad a smell. Not even the most enthusiastic dog lover can deny that their companion has a distinctly strong unpleasant odor, which often remains on clothes, furniture and in cars after they’ve gone, which is not appreciated at all.

Cats Are Quiet

Usually, dogs will always vocalize their mood with loud barks or non-stop whining, cats will mostly keep their mood to themselves. Even when cats do protest, their meows or hisses are not as loud as barks, and certainly can’t be heard from the neighbor’s house. There’s also an added benefit of your cat’s low sounds purring is been shown to reduce stress levels and blood pressure, to name a few.


Long Story Short:  Whether you have a cat or a dog, the both make wonderful pets for many diverse reasons. While cats are low-key and low-maintenance, dogs are active and loving. It is your call to pick which one is suitable for you.