Ten Best Thriller Movies to Binge-Watch

We’ve all been there, wanting to unplug and emerge ourselves into a storyline to escape the real life we have to face, day to day; you’ve finished all your favorite TV shows, and the other ones just finished their finally. But your hunger for a suspenseful story is still there.

Well go your popcorn ready cause here are the best thriller films you can binge watch for the weekend:

  1. Seven


Directed by the man himself David Fincher in 1995 “ What’s in the box? “ is still one of the most famous lines of a thriller film ever, starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman and David Spad, the thriller flick’s story revolves around a retiring police detective handling his last case with the help of a newly assigned detective in the case of a series of gruesome murders that are linked to each other. The cult film is still one David fincher’s all time best films , with twists and turns in the story all around, for those who have watched it you’ll never get bored rewatching this masterpiece over and over and for those who haven’t… well a lifetime experience awaits you.

  1. Silence of the Lambs


Directed by Jonathan Demme and the most famous in the Hannibal Lecter film series, Silence of the Lambs is now a classic, the academy award winning film for best picture stars Jodie Foster and the ever so delightful Anthony Hopkins as an FBI trainee interviews the Cannibal psychopath to help her with an ongoing case . the suspense and dynamic between these characters is an absolute thriller to watch , not a second of boredom awaits you.

  1. Psycho


From the man himself , Alferd Hitchcock, came to use in 1960 with the best Classic of them all that started up a whole genre of slasher films, being one of the cutting edge films of all time and a pioneer of its time. Pyscho is based on the infamous Ed Gain that used to make furniture and clothes from dead people’s skin. The complex relationship between Norman bates and his mother and the Famous shower scene are still one of Cinema’s most iconic scenes

  1. The sixth sense


Who doesn’t remember the amazing “ I see dead people scene” , written and directed by Night Shyamlan, the sixth sense came before the paranormal activity franchise and before the conjuring era, starring Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment, the horror thriller talks about young Cole sear and his haunting dark secrets, considered to be one of the most powerful endings of a thriller ever, the sixth sense is an absolute must watch for both thriller lovers and horror lovers.

  1. Zodiac


Another David Fincher masterpieces the 2007 thriller is Based on the never-caught infamous serial killer who captivated the nation with his encrypted

taunting letters to the police and cold blooded random killings, the Zodiac remains one of life’s biggest mysteries so it is only obvious that they’ve made a lot of films and documentaries about him. but this one takes the ball park, hands down the best Zodiac film out there. Starring an outstanding cast; Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Edwards, Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr, the film is an absolute must watch for all serial killers enthusiast

  1. Prisoners


One of the best rare Thrillers of the 2010s, prisoners leaves your churning and grinding your fingers from start to finish. Facing a parent’s absolute worst nightmare, Prisoners takes us through the pain and torment of a parent when they lose a child. With an heart wrenching unexpected ending, a prisoner will stay in your memory for a long time, directed by Denis Villeneuve and starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, the 2013 thriller is hands down of the rarity of thriller’s best in recent years

  1. Identity


Directed by James Manglod and staring John Cusack the underrated 2003 Thriller has become a fan’s classic, while critics split in views on the film, I can guarantee to you, this is one of the best thriller films out there. After a terrible storm breaks, a group of people head to a motel for a refuge, until they are killed off one by one. The complete shocker of the film can not be imagined, an absolute nail bitter, Identity is a 5 out of 5 type of film that you will not regret watching.

8. The Prestige


Our first Christopher Nolan entry on the list, a 2006 thriller starring Batman himself and wolverine , Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale do an absolute amazing job with this beautiful masterpiece of a film. Two rival Magicians have a life long feud over who is the best Magician with the best magic trick, leaves both crossing lines they never imagined crossing, one of those watch it 20 times and never get bored kind of film.

Make sure you refill your popcorn cause we are at our last two Best films

9. Misery


Who doesn’t love a Stephen King Thriller, the Oscar nominated 1990 film was directed by Rob Reiner who did an absolute marvelous job with the adaption of the novel with the same name. staring James Caan and the ever so incredibly Khaty Bates who also won an academy award for best actress. This suspenseful and psychological thriller will leave you at the edge of your seat. Where we see Annie Wilkers who claims to be the biggest fan of a successful writer torment and torture the helpless writer after a serious car crash. A hard watch but an amazing one you will not regret it.

10. Insomnia

We finish off our list by one Thrillers best gems combining all the best out there, A 2002 Christopher Nolan starring Al Pacino and in one of his darkest and best roles Robin Williams. Where the line between what is good and what is bad is so faint you don’t know when you crossed it, without giving too much away , all we can say is go see this if you have not, Robin Williams, gives one of his all time best performances in this dark role that he portrayers so well opposite the legend Al Pacino, simply a true masterpiece of the highly acclaimed film maker Christopher Nolan.

Now that you have a long list to binge watch, go get your popcorn ready, plug off your phone

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