Scientists Discovered How to Re-grow Teeth in 2 Months

Losing teeth as an adult could be really scary to even have a thought about it, yet it’s a struggle that many people might have to face. More than 1/4 of adults lose their teeth by the age of 74. Dental implants could be helpful, they could be very uncomfortable. Anyway, a new technique might be actually helpful to people for them to grow new teeth in only 9 weeks using the patient’s own adult system cells.

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Researchers are hoping that they can actually get a patient’s own cells to grow an anatomic proper tooth. Also, the new tooth will grow in a person’s empty teeth gap, allowing it to mix with the surrounding gums. They have already got the proof of being able to grow new teeth, even though isn’t in humans.

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The Journal of Dental Research has made an experiment on 22 rats. And after seeing a growth factor that implanted in the rats mouths to be creating new bones regenerating and integrating in about 9 weeks.


If this treatment works successfully on humans, there could be a various types of benefits that could be happening conjointly with this new procedure. We all know that the tooth is usually grown in the socket where it should stay, there is also no need to expand outside stem cells or create an outsider placement for the tooth cause it grows. Also, the tooth grows properly in your mouth, it would already will mostly would take less time in recovery time, it will be mostly be probable for teeth to actually fall.


At this time, dental implants are the most close thing we have to aid people in lost teeth replacement. In fact, implants are very painful, they require a long healing process, and often they don’t go hand in hand with aging mouths, which can result in the implant to fail overall. With that being said, this new replacement could become a reality way sooner than later. Although now, Columbia University has made an actual applications list for this technology that is newbie and is mostly looking at some ways to make the actual process available in the marketing sphere.