Stop Buying Dust/Sport Masks To Protect Yourself From The Virus

Many people across the globe panic over the hitting of the Novel Corona
Virus. As fears rise because of this virus outbreak, thousands of people are
demanding to purchase face masks, in a struggle to protect themselves.
Authorities also have encouraged people in different states and countries,
especially in China to wear surgical masks or ordinary masks. These masks
are advisable to wear in public to prevent them from getting infected with
the new virus. The question is; do these masks work?
Specialists say that cheap disposable masks, which happen to cover the
mouth and nose, may help prevent the spread of viruses if these masks are
worn properly and used unfailingly. But there isn’t much proven scientific
evidence on their effectiveness. That’s why in this article, we will give you
details about the most effective masks to buy and wear in preventing viruses
to get you. This will also warn you about the usage of ordinary masks that
are believed to be effective in preventing the general public from catching
viruses such as the Corona Virus.

The Overwhelming Demand

Today, the world is truly facing shortages of masks with the rising demand
for it. Worse is that, due to its high demand, suppliers all over the world took
advantage of it and sell it at a higher price. More so, even ordinary or regular
masks are at a higher price. Well, it’s not worth it if you buy those expensive
masks that are not effective at all. If it’s just an ordinary mask, then the
answer is, No, not effective at all.

Masks That Are Not Intended for Virus Protection

With all its preventive measures you do to protect yourself from the new
Coronavirus, wearing a face mask is one way. But do you already know about
the kind of mask you should get yourself that will keep your mind at ease all
the time? Here are some of the common misconceptions about masks that
are believed to be safe and prevent viruses from getting in your system.

Surgical Masks or Respirators

This is a disposable medical tool that can be purchased in our local
pharmacies that are believed to be a protection against the infectious agents
transmitted through droplets. The droplets could be in a form of saliva or
secretions from the upper respiratory tract when the user exhales. This is
being used by doctors and nurses in the hospital. But always keep in mind
that a surgical mask does not shield against “airborne” infectious agents.
Hence, it will not prevent users from being potentially contaminated by a
virus such as the coronavirus. Here are some images of ordinary masks:

Cloth-made Masks

This is another illustration of a mask that is known to be reusable and
washable which comes with a 3 layer advanced filtration of air particles.
Many consumers believed that washable masks or cloth masks are also safe
and effective in fighting against viruses. You can use it, but they are not as
effective as surgical masks or the N95 masks, because in general, the mask
should never be reused. Even if you wash it frequently, the virus, if there’s
– will stay in the mask. Wearing these masks could just be a protection
for dust and it’s not 100 percent perfect because there are holes that air
could pass.
Again this kind of mask is not a sure hit to prevent the New Corona Virus. It is
just made of a diving cloth and it could last for two years or so. Just a
reminder, masks should be replaced regularly especially if you use it to
prevent viruses. It can be a KN95 in nature but this is merely for sports
protection and prevention of dust from coming in your system. Take a look
at the sample pictures of this mask:
It should be noted that respirators and ordinary masks also protect people
but not to the extent of preventing them from viruses. Challenges for some
are that, the urge to wear it for a longer period of time. It may be reusable,
which can actually save money, but always remember to replace it because,
for some reason, masks are just effective not later than 8 hours. After that, it
should be replaced and the used one should be thrown away.

KN95 Mask as Recommended for Coronavirus

We all know that Coronavirus is an airborne epidemic, so it makes a lot of
sense to use the highest of the highest quality variety of masks, and this is
what we call the KN95 mask.
The World Health Organization recommends to the public about wearing the
KN95 masks as it offers more protection and it prevents almost 95 percent of
small particles from entering the nose and mouth of a person.
Here are some of the features
of the KN95 mask that should be taken into consideration :
Comes with thick sheets of protection that are best in resisting any
attack of harmful substances that a coronavirus contain
  • Good quality as it protects the bridge of the nose
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Designed with high strength
  • Wide enough to cover as it fits any sizes of face
  • It is breathable because of its multi-layered protection that enables
  • wearers to breathe comfortably
  • Made soft and could absorb sweat
  • Comes in independent one-way breathing that effectively reduces
  • respiratory resistance
  • Blocks PM10, PM2.5 and even smaller particles from entering
  • Made with no static electricity
  • Not designed to be used more than once
  • Comes with a carbon layer in the filter that can be significant in
  • reducing chemicals in smog
  • Always make it a point that the effectiveness of the KN95 mask relies on
proper fitting and correct wearing of masks. KN95 may be a bit pricey due to
the high demands of consumers, but this is the only mask that could prevent
a person from getting viruses lie the Coronavirus.

Wrapping Up

There’s no other type of mask that could surely prevent viruses from getting
in your system except the KN95 mask. With the fast spread of a new
coronavirus, walking around any crowded area will not be safe. Wearing of
KN95 mask is far more effective at defending you and the people around you
from getting airborne illnesses like the coronavirus. The KN95 could likely
guard you against getting a viral infection, compared to other varieties of
masks like the ordinary or surgical masks. Yes, these masks can be at a
higher price, but if you opt to buy expensive masks nowadays, always make
sure that what you are buying is worth its price to avoid wasting a big
amount of money. Choose the KN95 and you’ll see that this product actually


Important Note!
Due to high demand of KN95 Masks , it is sold out every time we found a deal, If you missed this discount please check later.

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