Best Five Proven Ways To Step Back With Anxiety

“Speak up, show up, and be brave” in the words of the great Doctor Harriet Lerner

Stop Avoiding ans Simply Act

The stereotype that anxiety isn’t a real disorder used to be a dangerous one, thankfully now with science developing with each passing day, we now know it is serious disorder who amongst s doesn’t suffer from the fearful dreadfulness that in anxiety, sure degrees differ from one person to another but the end result is more or less the same, and that’s not the only common factor between victims of anxiety it’s also the unavoidable dislikeness we all share. The draining worrying about every small or big, minor or major thing that is going on, or could go on, no matter how far fetched is like a dark cloud following you around, sucking the light right out of you and along with it the life right out as well. Wither it’s the possible lumps, the addict family member, the stress of a job or the much needed money, perhaps it’s the worry that boredom is conflicting your partner, or maybe it’s your state of mind itself that is worrying no matter the case, the weight of the world doesn’t seem to get any light with each passing day with each on of us their own heavy weight of a long list of worries most unnecessary, no one of us is safe from the constant gripping fear of all the difficulties at hand, these are the dark shadows that lurk around our lives, these the unwanted guests, and when times get tough they might hang around for a very long time, unable to shake them off.

There are many various types and sorts of anxiety disorders, although the base is more or less the same, there can be a variety of aspects in which it differs from one individual to another, this can be clearly seen as the long list of anxiety disorders is seen in the DSM- and with science catching up day by day on the mysteries of the human mind, more and more disorders are being discovered that perhaps were completely unknown and misunderstood.

Be sure to talk to psychologist or a specialist in case of any concerns , they will give you a better understanding and diagnosis as they know you more in detail.

Although we can’t definitive close the door on anxiety and its baring pain, we can however feel it , process it and let it go in a shape or form that doesn’t take compete control over our lives, a shape or form that we simply refuse to let it be the one steering the wheel.

Here are five ways that you can take back the wheel from anxiety:

Overcome Anxiety

Face the music: when we face our fears, they are no longer a big black block of scary darkness roaming around, fears become something we can defeat, instead of it defeating us, so be sure to always act, stop avoiding and simply act, with time you’ll see the anxieties that one got worse , are now becoming less intimidating

  • Failing is an option: when we let the fear of rejection or failing e the one driving us, we learn that so much if not all the best parts of our lives will pass by if we don’t make a crucial change and ASAP, it is in this case that we indeed are in dire need to harvest more experiences getting refused, by doing so we learn it is in fact not the worse possible thing, and that we can in fact, lean and grow from it.
  • Say yes to being ridiculous, most of us are utterly and fully ashamed of the basic notion of being seen as a foolish person or silly person, so we hide away and shy away, which stops us from taking the chance and risking some things, every now and then, the very same things tat could turn to great experiences,

experiences in which we learn and grow stronger as people. Being a it ridiculous or foolish is not the cause of our demise, so be sure to let loose every now and then.

Fear isn’t an enemy

Fear isn’t an enemy , it seems much of what revolves around anxiety is fear based which is okay and normal, but it’s our way of handling this fear that changes the game, so be sure the next time you invite someone to your place to not be so afraid from fear, the only way you can conquer it is by embracing it, that way a clear strategy will be clear to you to show you how to beat it

  • Last but most certainly not least, it’s all in the motivation, the goal is to be at least a 7 from a 1 to 10 scale , when you start to feel bad for not acting and not being productive and active that’s when you’ll know you’re on the right path and well on your way to beat this cancerous poison that is anxiety.

In hindsight , Remember that almost everybody suffers from the dreadful disorder that is anxiety, and although it can be completely and utterly crippling at times it is not undefeatable, there so many various ways to conquer this dreadful disorder. Although some doctors might advise taking pills to handle anxiety, it is shown and proven over the past few years, it is not an efficient solution, instead, understanding and becoming close with your anxiety is the key to overcoming it, by doing so you’ll learn the tactics and methods that work for you which factually improve the situation instead of putting a temporary band aid on it without actually fixing the issue, a pill can only do so much.

With self awareness and self development, along with a lot of hard work as well the help of some professionals in the severe cases, not to mention steady and healthy support system you’ll be sure to beat this disorder and be right back in the front seat driving your life the way you want it driven instead of the other way around.

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