6 Red Flags That Your Phone is Being Spyed On

Your life somehow revolves around your phone, making it the perfect target for stealing identity and finance fraud. Read on for the signs that prove that you might have been hacked.

  1. Your battery drains fast


One of the obvious sign your phone was hacked is that you lose battery power so fast. Phone spyware is on all the time, thus, it uses a whole lot of power and it drains your battery in that method. If you keep on experiencing losing power it is probable that you’ve been hacked.” –Dr. Tim Lynch

  1. Your phone is hot

Your phone is hot

A device feeling hot even when it wasn’t used is a possible sign that internet data is being consumed quicker than normal. If phone users notice that their data limits keep on ending quicker than usual then someone may be piggybacking on the phone’s session. –Ray Walsh, a digital privacy expert

  1. You have used public charging stations

You have used public charging stations

This technique takes advantage of our constant urge to always charge our phones. Shady charging stations take advantage of the fact that the USB is used for both transferring files while charging. Some hackers can even monitor your every key touch while it is plugged in, so you think you’re charging your phone but actually you’re being hacked. –Emmanuel Eze

  1. Your phone is live streaming

Your phone is live streaming

It is one of the ways that a cybercriminal would take advantage of to control and play on your activities if your phone is live streaming without your knowledge. This could actually display all your phone’s activities to the hacker by showcasing what’s happening on your phone on the Internet. You can detect this if your phone constantly runs hot or runs out of battery too quick. –Jamie Cambell, a cyber security expert

  1. You’re experiencing weak general phone performance

You’re experiencing weak general phone performance

We all know that timing is everything, and that statement applies here as well. Being late in sending and receiving texts, dialing out of the phone, checking voice mails or instance, all of these things should not take too long, but they will when if a phone hack is being done. – Alexis Moore

  1. You find calls or texts that you didn’t make

You find calls or texts that you didn’t make

You might as well notice calls and texts that you don’t remember sending to numbers in your contacts list. Make sure that you watch out for this activity so well cause some of these could be premium-rate numbers and is forcing your phone to contact with the proceedings that has landed in the hands of the person who has hacked your phone. –Rob Webber, mobile expert