5 Times People Faced Unusual Things – Internet Users Solve the Riddle

There is never an end to the mystery of life, and it really makes us think twice. Shriveled eggs, alien stuff hanging from a tree, or an antique kitchen device that doesn’t know how to use, such things are confusing to everyone but we are grateful to millions of internet users and have been able to share the image of an unresolved issue with millions of people online. In this light tunnel you will find a lot of puzzles that people are lucky enough to solve for help on Reddit.

  1. What is this weird thing in my unopened sauce bottle?

© kimbycat11 / Reddit

When someone found this in their bottle of sauce Reddit users asked for help, thankfully, it’s just pepper seeds and you’ve made a spicy eating pepper seeds to believe the human ears in some shape ones.

  1. Have found this in the Israeli desert, anyone have an idea of what kind of rock is this? It glows when charged with any kind of light.

© Marsdal / Reddit

Reddit users have suggested that this “magical” rock might be green calcite. It could make sense cause according to geologists, most minerals are able to reflect light, Yet some of them, including calcite, can acquire the strength to suck some light, and then shine it on later.

  1. No idea what this is as it is powdery and only appears fast after all being vacuumed up.

© ThermoelectricCloud / Reddit

A Reddit user suggested that this”magic” stone could be a green calcite. By geologists, in a sense, a mineral can. However, some of them, including calcite, can absorb light and then later acquire a luminous force.

  1. My mother and girlfriend found this on the beach today. Any one has an idea what it is?

© Horrorwolfe / Reddit

These creatures are a sea anemone, and many people have seen them on seashores. Sea anemones are predatory animals that come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. They are close relatives of corals and jellyfish, yet they mostly spend their life next to rocks.

  1. Where these veins on the egg are coming from?

© MamasMilkFactory / Reddit

The folks at Reddit have suggested that egg veins usually appear due to some diseases that chickens may have, and apparently they are right. The veins of the egg shell can be caused by a viral disease, such as bronchitis.