3 Reason Why Women Are Not Diagnosed As Fast As Men

Scientists have made a big study where they’ve analyzed the hospital lists of more than 6 million patients and it turns out that it takes women way longer than men to get a doctor’s assistance. Yet on average, the difference could be of 4 years, and this chunk of time can be important in getting mostly recovered. Here you’ll discover why there are still differences in male and female medicine, and the consequences leading to it.

At Light Tunnel, we have also made our own study by asking women about the worst advices they’ve gotten from their doctor. And we have based our studies and identified some factors that must be a warning sign, waking you up to change your specialist as soon as possible.

  1. All illnesses come from being single.

It sounds like a paradox, but women mostly deal with this stereotype of medical opinion when they visit a gynecologist. For instance, about 1 in 10 women have endometriosis, yet it can take them until 8 years to be diagnosed with it or another immune system disease, and they have to visit around 5 different doctors, to get their diagnosis at last. It often happens when a woman is going through pelvic pain, it’s advised to her that she needs to have a regular sexual life. Thus for any reason, doctors believe that it’s the cure for all the female illnesses.

  1. Anything can be cured with childbirth.

If a woman finds a balanced partner, but her health didn’t improve, she can get a recommendation to become a mother. Knowledgeable specialists are aware that childbirth is a serious task, even for the healthiest body. A woman can also get post-natal depression, cardio diseases, the condition of her teeth, hair, and nails could become different. So, it is pretty obvious that childbirth can’t be a cure.

  1. Don’t overthink your issues.

It is believed that women are more emotional and are more probable to exaggerate their problems, while men try to go through even any severe pain. Studies have proved that on average women receive an analgesic treatment in an emergency department 16 minutes later than men. Women also have a low chance to get a full on check-up when they go to the emergency room with symptoms of for example an acute cardiac ischemia. It happens because their symptoms could from men.