10 Foods We’re Eating All Wrong Everyday

As stated, even something simple like eating food could be done wrong. In a matter of fact, there is many ways that most people eat food and they just makes a bigger mess.

Light Tunnel is always on the hunt for tips to make your life easier, so lets check some eating tricks that you’ve never thought of.


  1. If your taco breaks while eating it, try to wrap it with a leftover of lettuce to not make a mess.
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  1. Eat a burger upside down cause the bun on top would absorb more juice than the other half which adds extra flavor to your burger.
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  1. Poke a hole in your pancakes so each layer gets a fair amount of syrup.
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  1. Make coffee ice cubes instead of water ones to maintain your iced coffee strong.
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  1. You’re supposed to open up the fast food ketchup cups to use as much ketchup as you can.
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  1. Cut your popcorn bag and open it on one of the flat sides, you’ll save yourself from a mess in your hands and your bowl.
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  1. Cut open watermelon into rectangular pieces instead of the regular way. Mess be gone!
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  1. Once it’s locked in, you can just pick up the can with the straw stuck to it.
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  1. You don’t need a knife to eat pineapple, you could remove the pieces one by one.
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  1. Consider using a spoon to spread jam or butter on toast, it’s easier than a knife and it also doesn’t scratch your bread.
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