10 Artists Recreated Their Old Artwork – The Progress Is Unbelievable

This problem again draws many Internet users into an online obsession that requires artists to reproduce their ancient works of art so they can discover improvements.

We at Light Tunnel wanted to show you these artwork’s growth, proof that it’s never too late to draw or paint, practice does really make perfect.


  1. 11 months: This artist has a resolution for 2016 and it was to try to draw every day. 

© ItsmeHoswa / reddit
  1. Over 15 years: This childhood drawing of a dragon has really grown to a be a powerful beast.
© RoutineEquipment / Reddit
  1. 1 year: The growth in this magical elf proves that magic might actually exist.

  1. 1 year: You can seriously notice how technique gets built if you’re consistent on it.

© MyBeardTalks / reddit
  1. 9 years: Practice and consistency do actually make perfect.
© apittsburghoriginal / reddit
  1. 3 months: Proof that shadows and highlights are crucial.
© paroi_ / reddit
  1. 6 years: When the artwork comes from your own imagination, you can twist it or take it to a different level.


  1. 5 years: Improving is solely an art and this artist proves it.
© sarucatepes / Tumblr
  1. 3 years: This mythological man has come to life with even gentle edges.
  1. 3 months: It’s almost unbelievable to know it’s the same dog.
© shrimpu_ / reddit